How Studying Over the Summer Can Benefit Your Child in Vaughan, Ontario

Are you trying to convince your young learner to continue studying over the summer? Hitting the books may not be a kid’s idea of a fun vacation, but taking advantage of the break to get a leg up on learning can give students an advantage in the classroom. Whether you’re considering summer school, an academic camp, lessons or weekly tutoring sessions, here are three ways that studying over the summer can benefit your child.

Prepare for the New Year

The summer slide is a common problem for students, but going to summer school or attending an educational summer program in Vaughan, Ontario, can keep material fresh in your child’s mind and prevent them from falling behind. Summer is also an opportunity to catch up on anything they missed during the previous year.

Learn a New Skill

Does your child want to learn how to play a musical instrument, create art or play a sport? Without the time constraints and other obligations that come with the school year, summer break is the perfect time to pick up a new skill or two. Ask your local community center about free classes and camps offered over the summer.

Earn College Credit

College is expensive, so earning credits in high school can help students graduate early and reduce costs. Your child can earn credit by taking classes at a local college or university or through an educational summer program in Vaughan, Ontario.

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