How to Buy the Right Fire Extinguisher in Iowa

All residential and commercial buildings should have a fire extinguisher in Iowa. These devices are easily overlooked in terms of just how valuable they can be to help minimize risk to a home or structure. Yet, there are dozens of options on the market – how do you know which one to buy for your needs? It starts with some basic insight into the importance of fire extinguishers that specifically address the types of risks within your area.

What to Consider When Buying Them

There are numerous types of fire extinguishers. Each one differs based on the type of threat they can manage. When you need to buy a fire extinguisher in Iowa, you want to buy a product capable of putting out the risks you face.

For example, a Class A fire extinguisher is the base style. It works to manage most office space type fires such as those that may include cloth, wood, plastics, or rubber. A Class B fire extinguisher is designed for those risk areas where flammable liquids are located, such as motor oil, gas, dry cleaning agents, and paint thinner. A Class C model can help to handle live electrical equipment, which may not be treated effectively with other types. A Class D fire extinguisher can handle other types of risks including those in which metals are present such as titanium and magnesium. A Class K fire extinguisher is best for those with cooking mediums, such as fats and oils.

Which one is right for you? When buying a fire extinguisher in Iowa, turn to a company that can give you insight into what type of solution is best for your environment. It is critical to have a system designed specifically to address your risk factors within that structure.

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