How to Choose the Right Skirt

If it’s been some time since you were in school or college, then probably you haven’t worn a skirt in a while. Somehow, skirts and dresses are not ‘must-have’ items in an Indian woman’s wardrobe.

However, that has started to change. Women are ready to experiment and wear outfits other than the evergreen salwar kameez and saree to the workplace and social gatherings. You have so many choices now – you can buy Long skirts online, visit your nearest boutique, have it custom made for you. The options are mind-boggling!

Let’s have a look at the varieties of skirts available.

1. Aline skirt: This is the classic silhouette for the skirt. Their waist usually is belted, and the hemline falls below the knee in a straight cut. This skirt is perfect for work. It can be paired with a filled shirt or structured blouse. If the weather allows it, wearing with a coat makes a brilliant skirt suit.

2. Flared skirt: This is similar to Aline skirt, the only difference being that the hemline is more flared. This gives the skirt a very feminine vibe. This kind of skirt can be worn for casual occasions, a day out with friends, a picnic, Depending on the fabric, you can also wear it for parties and other social events, matched with a silk blouse and accessorised with pearls or diamonds.

3. Pencil skirt: This is more for the tall, slim body types as this is instead form fitting. Can be worn both for formal and social functions.

4. Long skirt: This skirt’s length is up to the ankles. It has lots of gathers and a beautiful fall and suits all body types. This skirt can be made in handloom textiles and prints, giving it an ethnic vibe. It can be paired with short or long kurtas for festive occasions.

5. Wraparound skirt: This is a comfortable one size fits all skirt and as it can be tied as per the waist size. Paired with a T-shirt, this is perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic.

So go ahead and buy long skirts online and try on the skirt to sport a new look!

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