How to Fast-Track a Jail Release With an Experienced Bondsman in Norman, OK

A knowledgeable bondsman in Norman, OK, can secure an inmate’s release in record time, but the entire process is a collaboration between agent, defendant and a concerned third party. Here’s what people should know before initiating the bail bond process.

Basic Inmate Info

In order for the bond agent to help the future defendant, he/she needs to know the defendant’s charges, their bail amount, the jail where they’re being detained, the defendant’s full name and their booking number.

If the defendant’s charge is a misdemeanor, their bail amount might be readily available on a bail schedule posted in the county jail. Defendants charged with felons must wait until their arraignment or bail hearing, usually scheduled 24 to 48 hours after being booked. To know more, click here.

How the Court Sets Bail

The court takes a variety of factors into consideration when imposing bail amounts: the defendant’s criminal history, severity of the crime and flight risk. Fortunately, bail bonds cost roughly 10 to 15 percent of bail in full. This cost is a nonrefundable bond agent’s fee called a premium.

Acceptable forms of payment vary from agent to agent, but some bondsmen accept credit cards, checks and money orders in addition to cash. One may even be able to negotiate with the agent for a lower premium or overall cost. Release times range from two hours to two days after the agent posts bond. Bail bond service may also entail court/jail advice.

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