How to Find the Right Auto Accident Lawyer in Gig Harbor

There are well over 100,000 collisions in Washington annually. Injuries occur from these automobile accidents at a rate of about four per hour. Washington residents can hire an auto accident lawyer in Gig Harbor when they find themselves dealing with the aftermath of an automobile accident. A reputable attorney can bring their experience and skill to help their clients receive fair compensation for the losses they have sustained in an auto accident.

When to Find a Lawyer

Not all auto accidents would require an attorney. Collisions involving minor property damage without injuries, such as fender benders, can often be dealt with by individuals working with the insurance companies alone. These situations are typically not complicated, and the added expense of an attorney may not be worth it. However, when there is significant property damage, personal injuries or death, or the insurance company is not cooperating, an auto accident attorney can help get adequate compensation and results. Especially in the case of a personal injury, seek legal advice quickly to avoid making a costly mistake. Washington has a statute of limitations on filing claims, and a victim can lose the ability to seek compensation for their injuries if they wait too long to file a claim.

Finding the Right Attorney

Ask around to people who have used attorneys after automobile accidents. Would they recommend the attorney they used? Read client reviews for local accident attorneys on websites such as Google or Yelp. Look for an attorney who has experience both in court and in negotiating with insurance companies, especially in situations similar to yours. Look for an attorney that will communicate effectively and return phone calls promptly. Reputable attorneys will offer a free consultation. Consult with a few different attorneys to gauge their professionalism, experience, and plan for your case.

Making the Decision

Hiring an auto accident lawyer in Gig Harbor will best help an accident victim receive the compensation for their losses that they deserve after an accident. After a few attorneys have been carefully considered and consulted, choose the attorney with whom you feel most comfortable. Contact Otto Law Offices for a free consultation after an automobile accident.

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