How to Get Rid of a Leaky Basement in Cambridge MA

Leaky basements are common, especially when one has not been properly sealed. It is essential homeowners know when their basement is showing signs of leaks, so they can seek the waterproofing professionals right away. Those who are dealing with a leaky basement in Cambridge MA need to keep reading, so they can make sure this problem is taken care of as soon as possible.

Signs of a Basement Leak Issue

Obviously, a homeowner is likely going to know if they have a leaky basement in Cambridge MA. If the basement begins to drip or become flooded during periods of rain, it needs to be properly repaired and treated to keep this problem from continuing. The following are some of the less obvious signs a basement needs to be waterproofed.

  • ¬†High levels of humidity will begin to occur when a basement is not properly sealed and is letting moisture in. Humidity levels will continue to rise until this problem is handled.
  • Homeowners may notice a musty smell in their basement and they may even see mold and mildew growth is present.
  • Water stains may occur on the walls of the basement and this means water is seeping through the basement and foundation.
  • Chalky substances left behind on the bricks or blocks of a basement means there is a moisture problem.

If any of these signs are occurring in a basement, it is time for a homeowner to seek the professionals, so the right intervention can take place. The longer a homeowner waits to seek these services, the more damage will likely occur. In some cases, cracks can begin to occur in the foundation, leading to damage that becomes more expensive to repair.

Call the Professionals Right Away

If you are dealing with a wet, leaky basement, make sure you call the professionals right away to take care of your problems. Having your basement waterproofed will seal the basement and prevent the seepage of water and leaks inside. Make sure you protect your investment today, so costly damages do not begin to occur. Contact us if you would like to schedule your waterproofing service for your basement.

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