How to Look for an Exterminator in St Paul

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Pest Control

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One might think that keeping the home tidy and windows and doors closed should keep pests and rodents out. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, especially in areas with high humidity and very hot summers. Most exterminators say that getting rid of all bugs is nearly impossible. That’s why having reputable pest control professional treat the home regularly is the only way to keep the house pest-free.

Deciding on the best exterminator in St Paul can be a difficult undertaking. The first step is to ask the closest neighbor which company they use for pest control. The immediate environment around the house has a lot to do with what type of treatment should be applied. A company that’s servicing the neighbors’ homes will already know what works and what doesn’t in that particular location. Checking online reviews of local exterminators can also be helpful. The right company will have proper licensing and training to do the job so it’s important to verify that.

The exterminator in St Paul should offer to come out to the house and do the initial inspection free of charge. Next, the pest control company ought to provide a report including information on what type of infestation is present in the house and what is the best treatment. The report will most likely include a financial estimate, discounts offered, as well as any guarantees. Usually, companies offer an assurance that the problem will be resolved after the first visit or with their regular maintenance routine. Depending on what part of the country and what natural habitat surrounds the house, the maintenance visits should be every six months to once a year.

Dealing with infestation in a multi-unit housing is much more difficult. Treating just one unit won’t fix the problem. The pests and rodents simply move to untreated areas of the building and return as soon as the treatment wears off. That’s why in condos and apartment complexes either the home owner association or apartment management takes care of pest and rodent infestation.

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