How to Protect Your Rights with a Divorce Lawyer in Brooklyn NY During Divorce

Most divorces are not harmonious. They are often characterized by emotional struggles and huge misunderstandings that may lead to physical confrontations. Fortunately, the law governing divorce is impartial and is designed to assist divorcing couples with guidelines for going through the divorce process in a reasonable and fair manner.

It is essential to note that you have rights that should be protected during the divorce proceedings. You will, however, need to understand the laws impacting on your divorce in order to minimize the stress of going through the process. Sufficient knowledge and understanding of your legal rights and limitations will essentially enable you to be more confident while making important decisions that will ultimately affect your post-divorce life. Below are some of the things you should know pertaining to your legal rights and responsibilities.

1. You should not attempt to hide, transfer, destroy or otherwise dispose any property owned by either or both of the parties unless you have the express permission of the other spouse or the court. Ensure to research extensively on the various laws governing divorce in your state. You may also want to contract the services of an experienced Divorce Lawyer in Brooklyn NY.

2. You should not attempt to move minor children beyond your court’s jurisdiction. While some states will allow you to move your children up to 150 miles away, they will require you to keep them within the state boundary. Moreover, you should not try to keep minor children from seeing each other, or refuse the other spouse visitation if the children live with you.

3. If you and your spouse individually own credit cards, your spouse should not use yours without your express permission. In the event that you own a joint credit account, you can prevent your spouse from running up your debt by petitioning the court for temporary orders protecting your financial stability.

4. You may also seek a restraining order from the court if your spouse has become aggressive and violent.

There are numerous laws established to ensure that your divorce issues are dealt with in a fair and reasonable manner. If you are seeking a smooth transition during your divorce, you will want to hire a seasoned Divorce Lawyer in Brooklyn NY. Contact The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel to access this and more information. You can also visit their Facebook page.

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