How To Select A CNC Machining Company

For a first time Original Equipment Manufacturer, a startup company developing a prototype of a company that wants to change machining service providers, having a strategy for finding the ideal service is important.

The internet will make finding a CNC machining company a simple process if there is a logical and effective strategy for making comparisons. Simply choosing a name that is recognized or choosing a local company due to their geographic location is never a good idea as neither of these factors has anything to do with quality control, capacity or industry knowledge.

Quality Control

The purpose of CNC machining is to provide precision machined parts either for prototype development or production. A reputable and recognized CNC machining company will focus on quality control, providing precision machined parts for all orders both large and small.

Look for companies that are ISO 9001 registered companies. This lets you know the company has an active and complete quality control system that is used throughout their production. Some of the top companies will also be ISO 13458 registered, which is specifically for the quality management in the production of medical devices.


Understanding the capacity of the CNC machining company will also be essential before making a choice. Some companies that are willing to work with prototype development don’t offer large volume production while some companies require minimum orders.

Knowing what your immediate needs will be with regards to production as well as how fast the company can scale up for future production requirements will always be an essential consideration for any type of CNC machining services.

It is also a wise decision to review the specific industry knowledge the machining company offers. Some providers have extensive experience across a wide range of industries, which can be very helpful in addressing any challenges that may be presented with any project.

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