How to Use a Bitcoin ATM Kiosk When Buying Bitcoin in Chicago

Bitcoin ATMs offer a quick, secure way to buy and sell Bitcoin. However, you want to learn how to use the machine before you do a search for “Bitcoin ATM near me in Chicago“. Here is a guide on how to use a Bitcoin ATM when buying Bitcoin in your area.

Select Your Option

The first step is to select the “Buy Coins” option on the touchscreen. You are also going to select the amount of money you want to spend on your Bitcoin.

Phone Number and Warning

You are going to enter your phone number to verify your identity before reading a warning on spending your Bitcoin.

Enter Your Pin

The next step is to enter your secret pin for accessing your Bitcoin and wallet.

Choose Your Cryptocurrency

Once your search for a “Bitcoin ATM near me in Chicago” is a success, you have the option of choosing your cryptocurrency.

Scan Wallet QR Code

You can also choose to send your Bitcoin to your wallet, which means you are going to scan your wallet QR code on your phone. The next step is to choose the “Request” option before scanning your code.

Insert Your Bills

Once the bill acceptor starts blinking green, you can insert your bills to pay for your Bitcoin.

Finish and Receipt

When you have finished inserting your money, you can click “Finish” and choose how you want to receive your receipt.

If you are ready to do a search for “Bitcoin ATM near me in Chicago,” you can search for a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM.

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