How to Wear a Jumpsuit Like A Pro

Anyone who hasn’t noticed the current trend of women wearing jumpsuits likely hasn’t stepped out on the street in a while. Everyone from celebrities to moms to teenage girls has at least one jumper in her closet. If you’re new to this versatile option, we’re here to offer you some help with how to wear a jumpsuit and do it with style. Read on to learn more.

Daytime Wear

You can see jumpsuits out in the world as errand wear, as the daytime really works well with this comfortable outfit choice. You can put it on for a business lunch with a belt and a pair of wedges. For a more rebellious look, try a jumpsuit with a bold pattern and pair it with your favorite leather jacket. Layering is another way that you can get great use out of your favorite jumpsuit.

Nighttime Wear

It may not seem like a jumpsuit would fit the nighttime scene, but that isn’t true. It can work well for drinks with friends, a date, or even a more formal event. Choosing a jumpsuit in black or another neutral color can really work here for a dose of sophistication. If you’re at the nightclub with your pals, short jumpsuits for ladies can turn heads all around you.

Petite Women

If you’re a smaller woman, toss on a pair of heels with your jumpsuit. This will create the illusion of a more elongated pair of legs and make you seem taller than you are. Another tip is to avoid baggy jumpsuits. These can look a bit less polished and won’t be as comfortable as a more fitted style.

Girls with Curves

Try to stick with jumpsuits that have solid colors or small patterns. The addition of a waist cinching belt can set this look off. It’s best to avoid large prints and patterns, but you can play with colors as much as you see fit.

Tall Women

You can rock anything from long to short jumpsuits for ladies. You’re also lucky in that any pattern, color, or cut will look phenomenal. Keep an eye out for a wide leg jumpsuit, this can add an extra bit of flair to your look, no matter where you are.
The Trend of the Decade

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