How You Can Find the Right Furnished Apartment in Minneapolis

It can be a stressful time transitioning to university life. You have to worry about getting classes, textbooks, fees, and all of the other important tasks done before your semester starts.

You also have to worry about where you’re going to stay and what you’re going to put in your place. Ditch purchasing furniture and go with furnished apartments near the University of Minnesota for these reasons.


It’s always important to keep your body in good health. The issue is that you don’t necessarily have the time and resources to do that when you’re busy studying.

You want to look around for furnished apartments near the University of Minnesota that come with a fitness center. This should be an area with a lot of workout equipment, giving you the ability to improve your body without having to go far from your apartment.


When you rent out furnished apartments near the University of Minnesota, you expect a good amount of furniture. Ideally, you should have a couch, table, chairs, and more.

A reputable apartment complex should be willing to give you a TV as well. This allows you to catch up on your favorite movies and TV shows when you’re taking a study break.

Apartment Complex

With a limited selection of furnished apartments out there, you want to make your decision on where you’re going to move soon. The problem is finding the perfect space that will be your new home for at least a couple of months.

One apartment complex has gotten great reviews from students at the University of Minnesota. Learn about 44 North by visiting their website.

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