How You Cook Determines Type of Cooker you require

The Cookers Dunstable families require depends greatly on how you cook. Here is an overview of the uses common to most households and how they influence the cooker you need.


If you are on your own and don’t do much entertaining a single cooker is right for you. A single is also good for those who cook small or simple meals. However if you are big on entertaining, have a larger family or like to cook many courses and desserts, than a double will allow you to cook multiple dishes and even use varying temperatures if you are cooking a roast as well as a cake, for example. Double cookers offer more space as well as more flexibility.

Cooker Source

How and what you cook also affects the cooker source you require. Gas ovens have different heating zones in their ovens. This means if you often have many components to a meal in which multiple heat levels are required then gas cookers are the way to go. However if you need to cook larger portions of foods that require two shelves you might consider the fan assisted electric best for your needs. You can also make life easier and just go for the multifunction electric cookers Dunstable families appreciate for their total versatility. This way you can use conventional heat or use the fan assisted as required.

Extra Features

Multifunction electric cookers are also popular as they come with some interesting additional features some cooks appreciate. If you are constantly on the go and tend to take meat from the freezer for dinner a cooker with a defrost feature will allow you to speed up the defrosting process without damaging your meat or cooking them so you can prepare them without issue. If you fancy a number of different cooking options such as grilling or rotisserie style roasting there are also specialty cookers Dunstable gourmets will prefer. There are even ovens with a pizza function so you have a nice crisp crust.

As you can see your style of cooking and the demands of the household all have an influence on the type of cooker you require. Your lifestyle also can make a difference especially if you entertain. The serious cook will also prefer specialty features such as grilling and rotisserie cooking options for their ideal cooker.

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