If Your Claim Is Denied, A Disability Attorney Can Help. Hire One In Charlotte NC

If you think that paying into Social Security for years means automatic entitlement to benefits should you become disabled and unable to work, you may not be correct. Over 60 percent of all claims made by individuals in Charlotte NC are denied outright; it is at this point, where you need to hire a seasoned disability attorney.

If your initial claim is denied you are going to be faced with the appeals process. Applicants that hire an experienced attorney at this stage have a far better chance of eventually getting the benefits they so badly need. A seasoned disability attorney will work closely with you, ensuring that you get a fair hearing. Before your hearing, your attorney will have tutored you on what questions to expect based on his or her experience with local administrative law judges.

Don’t Worry About Cost

Money, or the lack of it, will be a real issue when you find yourself dealing with a disability; it makes sense that you will be concerned about paying an attorney should you hire one. Fortunately, disability lawyers work on contingency; they are paid out of your initial back pay award.

When you first hire the attorney, a fee arrangement document is prepared; this is presented to the SSA for approval. Your attorney will get 25 percent of the back pay granted by Social Security; this amount cannot be more than $6,000. If, for example, your back pay is determined to be $30,000, your attorney will get $6,000 rather than $7,500, which is 25 percent of the award. At the time of disbursement, Social Security will pay your attorney directly; the balance will be sent to you. If you fail to win your case, your attorney is not paid.

Whether you “go it alone” or hire a disability attorney is your choice, just remember that the chances of winning on appeal are considerably better when you are represented.

If you are disabled and unable to work, hire a disability attorney to help with your appeal. Contact Hunter & Everage in Charlotte NC at website0

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