If You’ve Been Seriously Bitten By A Dog, Contact The Best Injury Lawyer In Norman, OK

Americans love their dogs. They become our best friends and part of the family. However, when a good dog goes bad, this means serious trouble for everyone involved.

A Few Surprising Facts About Dog Bites

1. Pit bull enthusiasts will deny it, but every year the evidence shows that pit bulls are the most dangerous dogs. In 2013, 32 people in the U.S. died from dog-bite related injuries. Pit bulls killed 25 of these people (78% of the fatalities). By comparison, only 6% of the dogs in the U.S. are pit bulls.
2. Over half of the people killed because of dog bites were children younger than 7 years old. Many of these children were either visiting or living in the same house as the dog. All dog bites are bloody and horrific, but seem especially so when happening to a young child.
3. Annually, over 350,000 people go to the emergency room with dog bites. Many of these people will require expensive and painful reconstructive surgery.
4. Dog bites cost 50% more to treat at the hospital than the average injury, amounting to approximately $18,200 in 2010. Severe injuries involving multiple surgeries dramatically increase this cost. The annual total of dog bite losses is well over $1 billion. Visit the site for complete details about the experienced injury lawyers in Norman, OK.

The Most Surprising Fact About Dog Bites

Most people don’t receive any compensation for their injuries. Only 2 people out of every 100 people receiving medical care for dog bites are compensated by homeowners or renters insurance companies. While the total amount paid by insurance companies sounds large, over $350 million, this only amounted to an average insurance payment of less than $30,000.

What To Do If Bitten By Someone Else’s Dog

1. Get the names and addresses of the dog’s owner(s) and witnesses. Find out who had custody of the dog at the time of the attack. (If the owner cannot be located, it may be necessary to receive painful rabies shots.)
2. Make sure there are good, clear, dated pictures of the injuries.
3. Seek medical treatment immediately.

Call the police and animal control.

Cooperate fully and obtain copies of their reports.
Monty L. Cain is an Injury Lawyer Norman OK who is experienced with dog bite cases. He believes in fighting for the rights of those who have suffered because of another’s negligence. Before signing any settlement from an insurance company, contact this knowledgeable Injury Lawyer Norman OK. For a free consultation, call or visit their website at Cainlaw-okc.com.

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