Important Indicators You Need A Water Testing Company in CT

In urban and suburban locations, water is supplied through a municipal or a private Water Testing Company in CT. All of these public services and private water companies are required, through the Environmental Protection Act, to test the water and make public reports on the quality through the Consumer Confidence Report on Water Quality.

In rural areas, where water is typically drawn from wells for both residential and commercial use, water testing is based on both state requirements as well as EPA requirements. However, this only tests the underground sources, not the specific quality of water on a given property.

The same is true with urban and suburban water testing. Water can become contaminated through leaks in the lines, corrosion in the pipes, or even through repairs and work done on lines where chemicals or contaminants were introduced.

When To Test

For property owners of commercial or multifamily buildings, a Water Testing Company in CT can provide additional testing on-site. There are several key factors or indicators to watch for to signal if water testing should be considered.

Call in an experienced water testing company if:

* Major plumbing repairs have been completed recently on the building water lines.

* There is an unusual odor, taste, or color to the water.

* The plumbing system is older and has developed significant leaks or multiple leaks.

* Signs of rust, sediment, or foreign materials in tap water.

Health and Well-Being

Sometimes, water can become more damaging to plumbing systems through changes in pH and hardness. While not dangerous to people for consumption or use, it may cause problems with the plumbing system or result in problems with meters.

Getting the water tested by a professional water testing company will provide the information needed to remediate any problems and ensure the water for the building or property is safe for use and will no damage the plumbing system or smart meters.

H2O Equipment Co., Inc is a highly experienced water testing company offering services to existing customers and new customers.

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