Important Tips for Better Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo flooring can be quite beautiful. It is also immensely durable and long lasting. However, it does need to be properly maintained and cared for, or it will need to be restored eventually. If your floor is looking a little worse for wear, there are a few important tips you’ll need to follow for terrazzo restoration.

Strip It

The first step in terrazzo restoration is to strip away the old coats of sealant, and any other compounds that might have been applied to the floor. Without these removed, you cannot restore the floor correctly. Be patient and make sure to use a high quality stripper, as there may be years of buildup to be removed.

Clean It

Once you have completely stripped your terrazzo floor, you’ll need to clean it. The stripper must be completely removed before you can take the next step. Usually, you will only need to rinse and dry the floor a couple of times to remove stripper residue.


Once the floor has been stripped and then rinsed clean, it is time to reapply sealer. Note that this does not necessarily give the floor a glossy appearance or a high shine. Instead, it is about protecting the surface of the floor from the damage of traffic on its surface, and to help prevent spills from seeping into the floor and creating stains, which can be very difficult to remove. Follow the directions on your floor sealer, and make sure that you are using a product formulated for terrazzo flooring.


The final step in the process is to buff the floor. Use a low-speed buffer and thoroughly buff the floor.


Maintenance is a vital step in ensuring that your terrazzo flooring lasts as long as possible, and looks great the entire time. In most instances, all this flooring will need is a dry mop or a quick vacuuming to remove dust and dirt. Note that wet mopping can darken the floor’s appearance, and may leave streaks behind.

Professional Installation

If you’re looking to have a new terrazzo floor installed, either over an old terrazzo floor that you don’t want to restore, in a new building or over another type of flooring, we invite you to contact us at Trend Terrazzo. Call us at phone no to learn more about our terrazzo flooring options, as well as terrazzo counter tops and more.

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