Industrial Applications Of The Falk Gearbox

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Industrial Supply

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Falk, now part of the Rexnord Company, is over a century old. During its time in business, it has been a producer of quality motion products. Among those in high demand in Louisiana and Texas industries are speed reducers or gearboxes. The Falk gearbox is a natural favorite for many reasons.

What Is the Role of a Gearbox?

A gearbox is a speed reducer. A mechanical device, it performs one of two purposes:

1. Increase the amount of torque produced by an input power source to boost the amount of functional work

2. Decrease the speed of the input power source to realize preferred output speeds.

Falk produces several different models of gearboxes to address the requirements and specifications of diverse industries. They conform to one of the following styles:

* Concentric Shaft Reducers

* Parallel Shaft Reducers

* Right Angle Reducers

* The different types of Falk gearboxes are in common usage in several Texas industries.

Industrial Applications

Various industrial applications demand the gearboxes they employ meet very specific levels of precision. Among the industries relying on a Falk gearbox to provide what they require are

* Automotive

* Cement

* Construction

* Food: Consider using a Falk parallel shaft reducer

* Forestry: Falk parallel shaft reducers are common for this industry

* Marine

* Mining: Falk concentric shaft reducers and parallel shaft reducers are perfect for this particular industry

* Paper

* Rubber: A common gearbox type is the Falk parallel shaft reducer

* Textiles: The Falk parallel shaft reducer performs well in this industry

Overall, you can find Falk gearboxes at work in some of the nation’s most challenging industries.

Falk Gearbox

Industrial operations can be stressful. In states such as Texas, they often present a challenge to the engineers. To survive such harsh and unforgiving environments requires durable, reliable components. One such mechanical device capable of withstanding whatever it faces is the Falk gearbox. In forestry, mining, and textiles, this company has established a reputation for overcoming whatever conditions an industry has to offer.

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