Industrial Refrigeration Contractors Help with Pipe Insulation

An industrial refrigeration system has large-scale needs when it comes to piping systems. When installing or upgrading your pipes, insulation is one of the most important concerns. But what is the best material for your facility? When you consult with trusted industrial refrigeration contractors, they are there to help you choose the right kind of insulation. Here are some important things to consider when it comes to insulating your refrigeration pipes.

Why is Insulation So Important?

Insulation is important in an ammonia refrigerant system because the pipes should not have condensation issues. In fact, condensation can affect performance a great deal. In addition, properly insulated pipes created a more efficient refrigerant system. Industrial refrigeration contractors install pipe insulation to protect people who may come in contact with them, and if your system is exposed to hot or cold environments, insulation is extremely important. For example, they are commonly used for safety and freeze prevention.

Factors to Consider

When designing and installing new systems industrial refrigeration contractors must take several factors into consideration. They include:

* Ambient humidity

* Pipe location

* Pipe size

Purpose of Insulation

* Controlling condensation – can lead to premature pipe corrosion. This calls for condensation preventing insulation.

* Heat loss or gain prevention – keeps cold fluids cold and warm fluids (or gasses) warm.

* Freeze prevention – pipes exposed to cold temperatures

* Safety – padding and other protective insulation.

Which Insulation is Best?

It’s important to choose insulation designed to meet your process needs. Many companies choose polystyrene or polyethylene. However, some systems work best with glass wool or cellular glass insulation. You may need insulation with a vapor barrier also. Talk to your industrial refrigeration specialists about the best materials. They can inspect your piping system and help you with the most cost-effective and efficient insulation.

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