Industrial Screw Conveyors: A Popular Workhorse

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Industrial Goods & Services

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Industrial screw conveyors is a term referring to screw conveyors, auger conveyors or even worm conveyors providing basic material transportation in industrial concerns. Companies prefer these to other types of conveyors when handling bulk materials. The simplicity of design and tough nature of the device makes them suitable for the work they must perform daily. They are also inexpensive, making them a natural choice when budgets are tight.

Market Sectors

Screw conveyors are a segment of the global market that continues to grow steadily. This is particularly valid for one specific market segment. This is the mining and cement industry. By the year 2020, the industrial screw conveyor accounts for approximately 28% of the market share in this field. Applications in the mining industry include the transporting of:

* Salt
* Coal
* Lime

The physical characteristics of the materials in this industry and the environmental conditions in which the equipment will be operating, necessitate the conveyors are manufactured of non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel.

Other market segments that demand the attention of industrial screw conveyors are the beverage and food industries as well the agriculture business. This may increase the overall production levels further than projected. The result will be the need to meet standard as well as customized demands from industries.

Types of Screw Conveyors

To meet the growing demand by the diverse industrial sectors that use screw conveyors, manufacturers produce a variety of configurations. Among the more popular types are those provided below:

* Bottom Conveyors: This is a multiple version

* Centerless Screw Conveyors: While possessing the same capabilities of the average screw conveyor, this type lacks a central shaft

* Flexible Screw Conveyors: As the name indicates that the auger as well as the pouter tubing are flexible

* Ribbon Screw Conveyors: If the material is sticky, resinous or gummy, this is a favored conveyor type

* Vertical Screw Conveyors: This type of conveyor reduces the amount of space required for transportation by moving the material upwards and not horizontally

In addition to these basic types, companies can also purchase and employ inclined, mixers, U-Troughs, tube troughs, plug screws, heating/cooling, abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant configurations. Industries can also work outside the box, ordering customized versions for their facilities.

Industrial Screw Conveyors

No one questions the popularity of the screw conveyor in industry. Manufacturers find it to be an efficient, cost-effective and effective way of moving certain types of materials. Easy to maintain and versatile, they come in many different types. Easy to use, the continued acceptance of industrial screw conveyors is a clear indication of why the demand will continue to grow into the coming decade.

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