Information For People Seeking Nurturing Church Fellowship in Detroit

There’s a lot to be said for regular, committed church attendance. According to the latest medical research, social connections contribute towards a longer, healthier life. Reportedly, the elderly can gain a lot from regular social contact. Through church activities, one can build strong community ties.

A Venerable Religious Gathering Place

Old St. Mary’s is a unique, fascinating place to attend church. Featuring singular Gothic architecture, this is one of the most lovely churches in the Detroit area. Erected in the mid-1800s, Old St. Mary’s is a historic landmark. Visitors to Detroit regularly enjoy tours in this Catholic place of worship. For the benefit of the community, Old St. Mary’s routinely hosts musical concerts and exhibitions. This venerable building is the second oldest Catholic church in the city of Detroit.

Old St. Mary’s: One of the Most Respected Churches in Detroit

Naturally, Old St. Mary’s conducts regular Catholic worship services. These occasions allow people to put aside earthly cares and feel the edification of Christian fellowship.

If you’re in the market for a Detroit church, you should find a satisfying environment here. This religious community features toleration and acceptance. The members of this congregation are sure to treat you with kindness and respect. Furthermore, the clergy here are trusted community voices. These men and women of God counsel parishioners with patience and understanding.

Churches in Detroit give locals plenty of comfort and companionship. To learn more, visit OldStMary’ and discover what Old St. Mary’s has to offer.

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