Installing New Corner Guards to Protect Your Building

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Business

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There are a lot of reasons to have corner guards installed in your building. Every business owner wants their building to look good. Whether an office building or a warehouse, the building acts as an extension of the owner. In high traffic areas within these buildings, the walls can get scuffed up and take damage. This is especially true when it comes to the corners of the walls. Installing corner guards can be just what you need.

Protecting Your Walls

The main reason to get new corner guards is to protect your walls most vulnerable spot. Even if you have a good team working for you that cares as much about the company as you do, over the years those corners are going to get beat up. Your employees are going to have accidents every now and then and there will always be outside influences like cleaning crews or repair companies. Even in your home the walls get scuffed up and dirty and need to be fixed and repainted every once in a while. Now think of your business that may see a hundred times the traffic.

Corner Guards Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing

You can find corner guards made in plastic, wood, aluminum and stainless steel. In a business setting you’re going to want the more durable metals over the plastic and wood options. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice looks for function. Metal corner guards are now offered in multiple styles and designs in order to meet your needs. If a metal look isn’t to your liking, they can be set into the walls and painted so they are not even noticed.

Protecting Your Walls Can Save You Money

Although there is an initial cost to installing new corner guards, these costs will save you money down the line. Protecting your walls from damage will reduce the amount you will spend on repairs and renovations. The right amount of damage on load bearing walls can affect the structural integrity of the entire building. Repairing this kind of damage can be expensive and time consuming. Corner guards can’t protect your walls from everything, but they do help to protect your walls from most accidents.

There are a lot of benefits which come with having new corner guards installed in your building. This isn’t an investment which should be made lightly; you should talk with professionals who can help you to decide what products are right for your company. Eagle Mouldings is one of these companies. They can get you anything you need including custom made guards if you want something specific. You can contact them through their website at

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