International Travelers’ Guide to Taking a Taxi in San Fernando

Taking a taxi is usually your best option as far as Airport Transportation goes. Because traveling in a taxi varies from country to country, it is important that you know what to expect when taking a Taxi in San Fernando. This will put you at ease and make the whole process much easier. There are a number of pointers that you can use to make you feel more at home in a new city right from when you get to the airport.

You can use a taxi dispatcher at the airport to help you find a good taxi service. It is the dispatcher’s responsibility to educate you on the fares, how to get a taxi as well as help protect you against unscrupulous taxi drivers and services. You will need to talk to the dispatcher about your specific travel needs. If you are traveling alone for example, a Taxi in San Fernando will do. If you are traveling in a party, a minibus would be more cost effective and makes more sense.

Taxi tariffs depend from city to city. You may get a cab that has their tariff posted on the doors. These taxis are usually metered and will charge you according to the time and distance traveled. The meter will usually clock time when moving at a speed less than 9.6mph or is completely stopped, and will usually clock distance when moving at a speed of more than 9.6mph. You should not get into any taxi without a meter. Some surcharges and special rates may apply in the case of ferry, bridge and trunk tolls as well as Sunday surcharges or night surcharges depending on the service that you use.

Finally, hailing a Taxi in San Fernando is not difficult. You will not need to yell ‘Taxi!’ as in most countries; you only need to raise your hand and the taxi will be obliged to stop. This is of course only if the taxi is on call usually indicated by a sign on the roof of the taxi. You will need to get into the back seat as this is for the protection of the taxi driver. Once you are in the cab, you can let them know of your destination and they will be required you to take you as long as it is within their official area or city limits.

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