Is Poured Floor Covering in NY A Good solution For Problem floors?

Commercial buildings with cement subfloors have been using poured flooring for years. But, this type of flooring can also be the correct answer for home floors such as basements and garages. Poured floors can also be the answer for bathrooms and laundry rooms where spilled water may be an issue. Poured floors have no seems and are highly water resistant and durable. Poured Floor Covering in NY may be the answer for many buildings and rooms.

Are There Different Kinds Of Poured Floors?

Poured floors come in different formulations including epoxies, acrylics, urethanes, self-leveling, slip resistant, and flexible systems. The end use will determine which material is best. There are many additives to make each floor unique. The base is poured and leveled and then chips of different colors and sizes can be spread on top in an overall pattern or a specific design. A finish coat is poured over the design layer for durability.

Where Are these Poured Floors Used?

These poured Floor Coverings in NY are installed over cement subfloors in homes and commercial buildings such as warehouses, retail spaces, garages, medical labs, clinics, food processing facilities, hospitals and more. Home areas that this type of floor is most often used in are basement floors, garages, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and hobby rooms. But, any cement subfloor can be covered with poured flooring.

Getting The Best Results

To get the best results from poured flooring, they must be installed by trained professionals with the correct equipment. Companies such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation have been installing these floors in and around New York for decades. They can advise each customer on the best material and application for each area. Proper subfloor preparation is the key to a smooth beautiful poured floor. The cement subfloor must be clean and free of cracks and holes. It must be level. All chemicals, grease, and old flooring must be removed.

When the flooring company has properly cleaned and repaired the cement subfloor, they can begin with the application of the poured flooring. They pour and spread the correct thickness of material on the subfloor. Then, chips are added to make a design or in an allover pattern. The finish layer is poured and leveled and left to dry. When the floor has cured, the flooring company will buff and polish it to the perfect finish. Check the website for more information. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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