Items that Need Special Care When Moving

When planning a move, you can count on moving companies in Baton Rouge to handle most of the details for you, ensuring you can focus your time on getting settled in your new home. There are a few things, however, that you’ll need to consider how to handle as you move from one home to another.

Pets – Movers will not move your pets for you. Your pets will travel to your new destination with you. If you will be driving, they can travel by car. If you plan to fly, make reservations for them with the airline, too. It’s wise to discuss the move plans with your vet. Some animals get very stressed out by the events of moving day. They may be happier if they are given a light sedative for the ride.

Plants – Most moving companies will move your plants for you, but will not ensure their safe arrival. If you have a fairly short move and the plants will only be in the moving truck overnight, it’s likely not a problem to let the movers take them. But, if the items will sit in the truck longer, or if the plants are precious to you, they should travel with you.

Jewelry – Again, most moving companies will pack and move your jewelry for you. However, before you let them move expensive pieces, it’s a good idea to check their insurance limits to ensure you are truly covered. If you have pieces that are very sentimental and truly could not be replaced with cash, it’s a wise idea to move them yourself.

Talk with your moving company about any concerns you have about any other items that are precious cargo. Your move should be free of stress and moving companies in Baton Rouge can help ensure everything arrives safe and sound.

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