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Buying jewelry can be both daunting and intimidating, whether you are a first time buyer or have established a collection over the years. From the pushy sales people to the inflated prices, its enough to make even the wealthiest hesitant about whom to trust. Not to mention, the selections. Where to start? Do you pursue a local dealer, or a more nationally recognized company? Which precious metal is the best investment, and which jewel is right for your loved one? Questions abound and finding a Jewelry Store that provides selection, competence, service and fairness is worth its weight. If you live in Viera FL, look no further than Platinum & Gold Jewelry.

 Their specialty is wedding and engagement rings. As their website suggests, there are few moments in life that can be “frozen” in time. A man’s proposal to his significant other is one of those moments. Why entrust one of the biggest decisions of your life, to a larger corporate company that views you as a number? Why take your precious memory and the vehicle that is going to deliver your sweetest moment, on your biggest stage, to just some salesman trying to make a quota? Platinum and Gold Jewelry is not only an accredited BBB company, but they live, work and play–locally. They have an investment in not only making their neighbor’s lives happier, but they plan on being there for all your special events. They strive not to be a “one and done” jeweler, but rather an extension of your family. From unparralleled service to honest pricing, they should be your first–and last stop or a Jewelry Store in Viera FL.

Platinum and Gold Jewelry also offers an expansive selection of precious metals and unique designs, no matter the occassion. With a staff that carries over two decades of experience, they can either create from scratch the perfect piece, or they can help you select a gift from their constantly rotating collection. Solitaire diamonds rings, dependable watches and varying styles of necklaces are a few categories to inspire the gift of giving. Make no mistake; Platinum and Gold Jewelry is not your ordinary mass-production jeweler…they are Viera FL, “diamond in the rough”. Walk in confident that you are doing business with a company of high reputation. Walk out knowing that you are dealing with professionals that care. For more updates, visit our website.

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