Juvederm In Chicago Offers Many Benefits

Women and men everywhere likely look at their faces in the mirror and wish they had fewer wrinkles or a smoother tone. If you suffer from moderate to deep wrinkles or facial lines, you may worry about how you appear to others, but there is hope. Juvederm, one of many cosmetic dermal fillers, provides the solution you need and can last longer than other fillers. Therefore, it is a recommended product by many cosmetic surgeons across the globe.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is produced in both male and female bodies, meaning it is already in the system and frequently used by the body. The problem is that as you age, your body produces less of it, which can lead to wrinkles and other aging signs. Juvederm in Chicago is made with hyaluronic acid, so when it breaks down, as all filler compounds do, it is reabsorbed by the tissues in the body with no repercussions. Hyaluronic acid is what allows your skin to retain its moisture and sends nutrients to the skin. When your body stops producing as much, you may notice a dry, saggy skin, which can lead to wrinkles and other skin woes.


Collagen used to be the filler of choice for most people, but it starts breaking down within the first two months of injection. Other fillers, including those with hyaluronic acid, will last up to nine months, and sometimes up to a year, depending on your skin’s needs and lifestyle.

The hyaluronic acid is turned into gel form with the injectable, meaning it can retain its firmness for a longer period. Because it is found naturally in the body, the body can use it more sparingly and produce it, as well, which can help the filler last longer.

The substance can also absorb a lot of fluids and water, up to 1,000 times its weight, meaning you get a firmer and plumper appearance for longer.


Many times, collagen just doesn’t mold to the face as well as other fillers. You want something that will make you appear naturally full and plump, and this product has moldable characteristics so that it can be held beneath the wrinkles and won’t move around. Therefore, you get a softer appearance that lasts.

No Recovery

Another benefit is that there is no recovery time, other than some redness and possible swelling at the injection site.

Juvederm in Chicago is an excellent filler choice for many people, both male and female. Visit Website.com today to find out more about fillers or to schedule a consultation.

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