Keep Things Flowing With a Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Often, tree roots are the reason people need to replace their sewer pipe. The roots grip and infiltrate the sewer line, often causing it to develop clogs that lead to a backup. Therefore, you cannot waste any time in making this type of repair. The only permanent remedy is to opt for a sewer line replacement. However, before you have anyone start digging, you can have the work done and spare your property.

How Repairs Are Made Today

Today, you can schedule a trenchless sewer replacement to take care of a pipe that has been damaged by tree roots. Only two small excavations are made to access each of the ends of the pipe. Traditional measures call for digging up the entire line of the pipe, a practice that can be quite messy, especially when it unexpectedly rains.

By choosing a trenchless sewer replacement, the expense of the restoration is reduced. That is because the technique does not necessitate the removal of the old sewer line. Instead, the repair is done more quickly. A liner is directed through the old pipe, then inflated and secured while it hardens. Once the repairs are made, you can begin to use your plumbing.

A Permanent End to a Tree Root Problem

The liners used to repair are dependable and seamless because they are a single piece of material. As a result, there are no seams on the material. A pipe liner can permanently resolve a tree root problem, as the roots cannot access the pipe and cause blockages.

To perform a trenchless sewer replacement, a video inspection is first made to examine the inside of the piping. The video shows the extent of the damage as well as the location. It also helps the contractor determine the configuration and depth of the pipe.

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