Key Things That You Need to Know About Your Glock Magazine Extension

Modern glocks can carry a lot more ammunition than they did in the past. Even though they cannot carry as many bullets as a rifle, but it is important to note that you won’t always have access to a rifle. A magazine extension allows you to get more firepower without adding a lot of bulk. There are several things that you need to know if you plan on buying a glock magazine extension.

Benefits of Using Magazine Extensions

More Rounds

The more ammunition that you have in your gun, the more time that you will have to fight. When people went to war in the past, a single round was what made the difference in who won and who lost the fight.

More Grip

It is easier to use a rifle than a pistol because we have more control over it. You can hold a pistol over your shoulder and guns. The magazine extension is a lot like the skin of the gun. The more you are able to touch it, the more you will have control over it.

How to Maintain Your Magazine Extension

Simple routine maintenance will help you maintain your magazine extension. You will have to disassemble the gun prior to cleaning the magazine. You can use a magazine cleaning brush to remove the dirt and debris that have accumulated inside of the magazine.

If you want to buy a glock magazine extension, then you will need to contact True Precision, Inc at for more information.

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