Landscaping Ideas for Rock in Suffolk County

Rocks are a wonderful landscaping material because they are durable, affordable and versatile. Unlike living accents they never need to be fertilized, mowed or weeded and are perfect in any climate. Here are several methods for using the many types of available Rock in Suffolk County to create a unique and interesting focal point in your yard.

Rock Gardens

Multiple shapes, sizes and colors of rocks, artfully arranged together can create a dramatic garden. This is an easy solution for those areas of a yard where it is difficult to maintain grass or other types of gardens. Potted plants or the occasional flowering plant dotting the garden will add color and contrast against the rocks.

Walkways and Patios

Rather than using sand to fill the gaps between patio pavers or walkways, consider placing stones in these spaces instead. Smooth, polished river rocks can give these areas a clean and attractive appearance and are comfortable even under bare feet.

Create a Faux River

Create a winding river of decorative rocks through a landscape. This is a perfect way to separate specific areas of the lawn while adding an eye-catching feature. Consider including a small footbridge across the “river” to enhance the effect.

Build a Waterfall

Hills and slopes can be difficult to keep well-maintained because of their tendency to wash out. Make the most of these areas by removing soil and installing a combination of fountain rocks and boulders to channel water and end erosion problems. You can even install water features like a small pond at the bottom, edging it with wall rock, to catch the water and recirculate it back through the waterfall.

Create a Cottage Look

Nothing is more romantic than a beautiful flagstone path. These attractive stones are perfect for walkways through gardens, pathways from home to garage or to create an interesting, meandering trail through a wooded area. They are available in many finishes, sizes and thicknesses, so it is always easy to create your own one-of-a-kind path.

There is no limit to the potential for landscaping in Suffolk County . With so many sizes and styles you can easily find a rock which will work perfectly with whatever you have in mind. If you are interested in information about what is available locally, Visit website to learn more.

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