Lawyers Can Help File Coralville Nursing Home Neglect Cases

If you have an older relative who lives in a nursing home in the Coralville, Iowa area, you should be on the lookout to make sure they don’t suffer any kind of Coralville nursing home neglect. Many times, seniors are frail or suffer from dementia and they may not be able to tell you with words that they have been abused or hurt by someone, so you need to look for the symptoms carefully.

Coralville nursing home neglect could occur without your knowledge and many times these events go unpunished because the victim can’t get away and can’t tell anyone what is wrong. Thousands of seniors and disabled persons are abused every year all over the US, and if they are not helped, some of these persons may even die from their abuse.

Types of Coralville Nursing Home Neglect

There are several types of Coralville nursing home neglect to watch for, including physical, emotional, financial, and medical. Usually, the neglect happens when the resident is not properly taken care of or they are ignored, but there are also cases of a person’s medications being stolen or someone being beaten or even suffering a sexual assault.

Things to look for are bruises, red marks, fear, bedsores, pain, etc. Also be on the lookout for any of their personal property or money being missing or stolen. Coralville nursing home neglect may start out slow, and could quickly escalate into something that could harm them seriously or cause their death if it is not reported and stopped.

What to Do About Nursing Home Neglect Issues

If you suspect any type of neglect or abuse is happening to your loved one, then it is vital to report it as soon as possible. If they are in danger, you may even need to transfer them to a different home in order to protect them from the neglect or abuse.

Then, after they are safe, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer who specializes in nursing home neglect cases and see what your options are for suing the facility and the persons responsible for the neglect or abuse. There are several legal options that can be taken after finding out your loved one was hurt.

Filing a Nursing Home Neglect Case

When you consult with a nursing home abuse lawyer they will be able to give you options on filing a lawsuit against the facility for Coralville nursing home neglect or abuse so you can get the compensation your loved one deserves and the perpetrators punished.

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