Legal Information Needed to Tint Car Windows in Tucson, Arizona

The glass that makes up the windshield and windows in you vehicle are designed to offer you as much protection as possible. Part of this protection comes from the window tinting. Window tinting is not just to make the car look cool and sporty, but proper application of it will actually aid the driver. However, window tinting can become a legal issue if there is too much of it. The laws surrounding the amount of window tint allowed varies from state to state. If a person wants to Tint Car Windows Tucson, Arizona, he or she must subscribe to the laws Arizona has set for such tinting.

In Arizona, the window tinting laws were put in place in 1994. Several factors are involved in how one can Tint Car Windows Tucson, Arizona. The darkness allowed for window tinting is called visible light transmission. This percentage in Arizona is reflected by the film and the glass. Arizona’s guidelines for tinting sedans are as follows: Tint that is non-reflective is allowed above the vehicle manufacturer’s AS- line for the windshield. The front side windows must allow for a minimum of 33 percent of light to shine through. The rear windows and the back windows can use any measure of darkness. The same measurements apply to SUVs and vans as well.

There are restrictions when getting tinted windows in Arizona. If your back window is tinted, you must have dual side mirrors. Also, no red or amber colors can be used for tinting. There are exemptions allowed for medical type tinting. Those who manufacture the film do not have to certify such film in Arizona. Stickers are not required to be legally posted stating window tinting. Tint reflection for all vehicles is required to be 35 percent or less.

Dwight’s Glass and Tint provides Tinting Services for customers in Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding areas. For 29 years, the company has been offering tinted windows with lifetime warranties. Windows can be chosen of UV protection, special protection against rocks, and up to 60 percent heat deflection. Individuals who are looking for a professional to Tint Car Windows Tucson, Arizona can visit the website of Dwight’s Glass and Tint.

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