Logistics Offered Through Third Party Providers In Charlotte, NC

In the past, logistics often had a very narrow definition and was largely an in-house issue that companies managed in their own facilities. As consumer needs and business models have changed, the need for effective supply chain management and delivery systems has become more important and more complex.

For many businesses in Charlotte, NC, and particularly small businesses or any company in times of expansion, moving from internal management of the supply chain and logistics to outsourcing this service has become the most efficient and cost-effective option. The key is in finding the right service provider to partner with to provide the necessary services that are essential to your business.

Warehouse Facilities

Typically, most companies offering this type of service operate from a warehouse. This is a place where inventory can be stored and deliveries coordinate. It is also an ideal place to receive orders and process the paperwork.

The best 3PL or third-party logistics providers provide fully secure warehousing, which means 24-hour monitoring of the facility, controlled access, and fire suppression technology in use throughout the facility. The best facilities in Charlotte, NC, also offer climate controlled warehouses, which is essential in preserving items and protecting your property.

They also provide vaults and rack storage, blanket wrapping, asset tagging, and options to protect your materials, inventory or pending deliveries to customers. These companies may also offer a range of delivery services from liftgate delivery to Just In Time or JIT delivery services to your regular customers.

In some types of industries and for specific businesses, kitting may also be a requirement that can be handled by the 3PL service. When this is combined with in-house assembly, the business does not have to hire or contract with other services to come in and complete these necessary tasks.

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