Lowering Your Infection Risk after Impacted Teeth Removal in Florence, AZ

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, your dentist may recommend oral surgery to remove them. While most people enjoy an uneventful recovery after impacted teeth removal in Florence, AZ, not following your dentist’s post-operative instructions may raise your risk for infection. Here are some ways to lower your risk for infection after wisdom tooth removal.

Avoiding Swishing

After a tooth extraction, a protective blood clot forms over the space. If you swish water around your mouth too often or too vigorously, you may dislodge the clot. When this happens, bacteria are more likely to invade the surgical wound site.

While your dentist may recommend rinsing your mouth with salt water after impacted teeth removal in Florence AZ, avoid making sucking motions when doing so. The suction action can easily dislodge the clot. In addition to raising the risk of infection, clot dislodgement may lead to heavy bleeding.

Don’t Smoke

Cigarette smoking may also increase your risk for an infection after impacted wisdom tooth surgery. Puffing on a cigarette creates a suction motion, which can disturb your protective blood clot.

The chemicals in cigarette smoke can contaminate your surgical site, raising your risk for an infection. If you are unable to quit smoking after your dental extraction, try to at least limit how much you smoke. If you need help, your doctor can recommend smoking cessation treatment options, tips, and strategies.

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