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Nothing says more about a person than the appearance of their smile. A smile can convey sincerity and warmth. People who smile easily are said to have a great deal of confidence in themselves and their abilities. Unfortunately, there are many people who would like to smile, but avoid it at all costs. This is usually due to bad dental health and poor aesthetics of their natural teeth.

Esthetic Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI, seeks to work with patients such as these to change their looks and, in turn, change their lives. Today’s general and cosmetic dentistry is virtually pain-free. Patients are able to relax and have a series of treatments performed without discomfort. Even diagnostic procedures like x-rays and examinations have evolved over the past decade.

Adults with unattractive teeth can often attribute this to bad habits like smoking. This causes their teeth to take on a grayish color. With a professional cleaning from a dental hygienist, the color of these teeth can be improved and stains can be removed. The dental hygienist is additionally able to work with patients to implement new and improved brushing techniques that patients can undertake on their own at home.

Tooth replacement or repair procedures, like crowns or caps, used to take weeks to properly be placed in a patient’s mouth. These cosmetic procedures are now resolved in just a couple of appointments. Teeth that are chipped or cracked can be covered with natural looking veneers. Should a patient have orthodontic problems, this is also an issue that the dentist can work with. Clear braces straighten teeth without wires, bands or noticeable equipment.

Dr. Thomas Parmenter and his entire staff at Washtenaw General Dentistry work hard to make sure patients are happy with the results of their dental makeovers. The billing department regularly assists patients to work with their insurance companies and financing plans as necessary. Patients who have emergency situations are encouraged to contact the office so that their problems can be taken care of by the doctor as soon as possible. Visit the website online at Website Domain for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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