Marble and Terrazzo Floor Surface Restoration

Restored marble and terrazzo surfaces return pristine beauty and craftsmanship to any household. Whether you’re seeking terrazzo floor restoration or historic, marble flooring re-finishing, utilizing well-trained restoration teams guarantees success and timeless household inclusions.

Perfect Assessments

When receiving surface restoration, your terrazzo and marble floors are assessed by modern, commercial standards. With such an intricate craftsmanship network, and with pre-supplied equipment, experts can return a classic floor to original beauty: no chips, no cracks and no problems included.

Sometimes, gray, ugly crack fillers leave historical scars on an otherwise clean marble floor. Thankfully, modern craftsmanship has artfully mastered resin and stone blends. These blends provide acute surface restorations, re-creating original, beautiful appearances. Once a terrazzo or marble surface is assessed, a customizable blend is created for recreation, consisting of:

  • Matching chip size
  • Matching content distribution
  • Matching chip type and color
  • Matching complex matrix coloration

Effective Polishing

Surface restoration isn’t just about proper re-filling. Maintaining comparable resin colors while utilizing optimal formulas is important, but a top-off polish job significantly boost’s and restores a floor’s beautiful aspects.

Whether your floor has been dulled by household traffic or lost its luminosity, a proper polishing job can adequately restore scuffed surfaces, Terrazzo and marble floors beneath tile and carpet may lose some sheen, but quality restorations can both restore and protect a surface’s beauty.

Depending upon the surface’s location, re-invigorating old designs is simple during polishing stages. Each Trend Terrazzo polish has been streamlined for both effectiveness and ease-of-use, too, so both service providers and homeowners can restore floors.

Beauty, History and Development

Terrazzo and marble surfaces contain historic influences, and many may be hidden beneath tiled or carpeted floors. Often, marble and terrazzo surfaces are covered due to previous restorations or developments.

Such time capsules contain art and beauty, and many are being restored by homeowners and service providers to boost household value, create lucrative interiors and expose an establishment’s historic merits. If you’re planning on acquiring floor restoration, consider historical imagination. Terrazzo and marble surfaces are easily cleaned, and, when restored, deliver a historical sparkle to households.

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