Mastectomy Bras With Pockets – Helpful Products Post Surgery

A mastectomy is an invasive procedure that removes one or both breasts in order to keep to a minimum or eliminate the chance of a recurrence of breast cancer. A single or double mastectomy procedure may be performed based on the decision of the patient in light of the condition the patient is facing. Such a procedure can be highly impactful in a woman’s life and take some time to adjust to adequately. A woman may benefit by wearing mastectomy bras with pockets in the aftermath of her breast cancer surgery. These bras offer a comfortable fit and solid support in the aftermath of a mastectomy procedure.

If you desire to achieve a symmetrical look in shape, mastectomy bras with pockets that hold forms can help you retain excellent posture and balance and prevent the uncomfortable feeling of your bra moving up and irritating scars that are healing from your mastectomy procedure incisions.

Aftermath of a Mastectomy
Some of the symptoms that women feel after a mastectomy include underarm, shoulder, and chest soreness. It’s important to note that incisions are part of this invasive procedure and they require time to heal. Tissue has been removed and as a result of a woman’s strength and range of motion involving muscle movements may be inhibited as well. As a woman, you may also experience tingling or itchiness in the affected area due to brain signals traveling to the area of the breast removal.

Products to Help
As a very significant event in a woman’s life, breast cancer surgery, otherwise known as a mastectomy, can require time for adjustment. There are products available that can help with the physical recovery process after surgery. Some of these include

Mastectomy bras with pockets: Used in the immediate aftermath of surgery, these bras include an interior pocket to hold breast forms. They also provide superb support and enable woman to help her regain her original look.

Post-surgery camisoles: These inner pockets are designed to hold temporary breast forms as well as post-surgery drain bulbs. They can be very useful for women recovering from a mastectomy procedure.

It’s important to review the features of any mastectomy bra you’re considering for purchase. Understand the size you need as well. You can also choose a mastectomy bra based on the materials, style, and color you desire.

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