Mattresses Can Affect Your Sleep In Jackson MS

Most people have no idea that their mattress could be affecting their sleep, but scientific evidence points to the fact that, over time, your bed could cause you to lose sleep. They focused on three primary categories, including mental, physical and mechanical. Mattresses in Jackson MS are a big investment and should be created to last at least five years. However, after that time, the springs start to break down, and you become less comfortable, which can affect sleep patterns.

Mechanical Factors

Three primary mechanical factors for sleep include the environment, temperature and comfort/support. As you continue to sleep on the same bed night after night and year after year, the support system starts to break down, which can lead to an uncomfortable night’s rest. That means your spine could be out of alignment, which can cause injuries, sprains and stress on the points. It can also mean that your spine is too rigid at night, giving you pressure points or frequently waking in the night.

Temperature can also affect sleep. Mattresses in Jackson MS should be made from materials that can “breathe,” such as cotton. The top layer is the most important aspect because your body comes into direct contact with the upper part of the mattress. Many memory foam options are made to control temperature and keep you cool.

The environment can also affect your sleep, and your mattress may include toxins and respiratory problems. Bedding materials can include synthetics, foam, fiberfill and feathers. Fungal spores and dust mites can permeate the bed over time, which can cause a change in your allergies and breathing.

What To Do/Look For

If you’re worried about environmental problems, consider a hypoallergenic mattress, or one that is dust-mite resistant. If you’re primarily concerned about temperatures, find beds that boast of breathability and permeability. These words mean that the mattress is made of materials that will breathe and won’t trap heat. If you’re too hot, you won’t sleep well.

When considering support and comfort levels, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a mattress that fits your needs. They come in various sizes, shapes and strengths, meaning you can get one that is firmer or softer. Just remember that over time, the mattress will change strength because you’re sleeping on it all the time. Therefore, you may want to consider foam in the top layer, at least.

Mattresses in Jackson MS can cause you to have an excellent or a poor night’s sleep. Visit Mattress Direct now to find a new mattress so you can sleep easy.

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