Medical Cannabis in Hobbs: The How, What, and Why of Chronic Pain Relief

Experts tell us that 20% of American adults had chronic pain in 2016. That number could possibly have doubled in the last three years. That works out to over 50 million Americans suffering chronic pain. Most doctors prescribe chemical medications to control the pain. These don’t address the root of the problem. Some, like opioids, have the added distinction of being addictive. What’s the answer?

The What

With the legalization of medical marijuana in the majority of states, chronic pain is being controlled naturally when patients use a walk-in clinic in Hobbs as their dispensary. While detractors assert that legalization is just a cover for casual marijuana use, studies are showing that cannabis is used by more people with the intent to control chronic pain. How does it work to control pain?

The How

Receptors in the body register pain. These areas send a message to the brain’s pain receptors to send pain relief to the area. The immune system then kicks in, rushing inflammation to the area to protect against further injury. The snag to that is that inflammation causes more pain.

Cannabis acts in the opposite way. It tells the pain receptors at the area of chronic pain to send a message to the brain that “I’ve got this.” The immune system no longer sends inflammation to the pain site. Pain relief is imminent.

The Why

Flavonoids are the color and scent in flowers and plant foods. They provide health benefits like antioxidants. In cannabis, two flavonoids, cannflavin A and B, has been shown to be 30 times stronger than aspirin. The molecules in the cannvlavins aren’t psychoactive, and they zero in on the source of the pain. While research is ongoing, patients can still benefit from medical marijuana from their local walk-in clinic in Hobbs as their dispensary.

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