Melasma Laser Treatments For Upper Lip in Maui Resolve Stubborn Dark Skin Patches

Many people try natural remedies to reduce the shadowy area that sometimes develops above the lip due to years of sun exposure. These darker patches of pigmentation are medically referred to as melasma. Unfortunately, they do not respond well to natural solutions like the application of essential oils. Laser treatment is a better option. When it comes to Melasma Laser Treatments For Upper Lip Maui residents will want to choose a reputable facility run by a medical doctor.

Commonly Affected Areas

The brown patches can occur anywhere, but they most commonly develop on the face, neck and hands. Those areas of the skin receive the most sun exposure through a lifetime. The effect tends to look more obvious above the lip because of the contouring there. People who are troubled by the problem may choose laser therapy at a facility such as The Skin Center.

Hormonal Considerations

This skin problem is rare with men and relatively common for women. It is especially likely to appear during pregnancy because melasma is connected with changes in hormone levels. Women taking birth control pills also are somewhat more at risk of developing this skin condition.

Some women are lucky enough that the excess pigmentation fades away after they give birth or quit taking hormonal contraceptives, but others are distressed to see those dark patches remain. Pregnant women should wait until after the baby is born to have laser treatment, since the problem may go away on its own.

Noninvasive Therapy

Regarding melasma laser treatments for upper lip Maui residents can be reassured about the therapy being noninvasive. Browse our website to learn more about one particular service provider.

Side Effects

There may be some redness and minor swelling for a few days to a week after a treatment. The patient may want to avoid vigorous exercise during this time, but it’s OK to do other usual activities. Staying out of the sun is important while the skin heals, as it is more sensitive until new cells have replaced the laser-treated skin. In the future, the person should use sunblock when outside to prevent the excess pigmentation from occurring again.

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