Microblading Procedure for Your Eyebrows in Ft. Worth

Microblading for the eyebrows is a type of treatment that involves the application of permanent makeup resulting in a natural, beautiful eyebrow appearance. The procedure is performed utilizing a microblade device. It can help individuals who have the problem of over plucked eyebrows or who want to simply have a constant definition in shape for their eyebrows without the need to necessarily embellish the eyebrows with makeup. However, a natural look may also be obtained with this procedure that can be embellished further by adding makeup. For optimum results with microblogging, Ft. Worth residents can obtain the services of an experienced aesthetician or cosmologist who performs this procedure.

The End Result
As opposed to a tattoo is applied with machine to scan, professionals who perform microblading create individual hair strokes with the handheld microblade tool. The results consist of extremely fine lines that appear the same as eyebrow hair. These created her strokes are meshed with the existing hair of the eyebrows, creating the desired representation of eyebrow hair according to the fullness desired.

The Procedure
The best microblading services create a natural, semi-permanent look to the eyebrows. The microblade tool consists of half a dozen or more microneedles shaped like a blade that apply pigment to the outermost layer of the skin – the epidermis – in featherlike strokes. Results of the procedure can last for two years.

Microblading vs. Permanent Makeup
The procedure itself involves a minimal amount of discomfort. While other permanent makeup procedures may use a machine driven device, the microblading professional uses a handheld tool by applying firm, yet gentle strokes that release pigment onto the skin.

Permanent makeup on the other hand utilizes a rotary machine that drives the needle into deeper layers of the skin, inserting pigment. Healing from these procedures can take a number of weeks. The results of permanent makeup may last for up to three years before a retouch is needed.

Choosing a Microblading Specialist
In order to achieve the best results with a microblading procedure, it is essential to have a skilled professional with the right experience and background shaping the eyebrows and who understands the effect of color on the appearance as well. The person performing the procedure should be a professional cosmologist or aesthetician and skin care services and have proper certification in the state of Texas.

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