Mineral Rights Buyers – Make Sure You Have All Your Bases Covered

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Business

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When selling rights, make sure you go over every detail. Leave no stone or “mineral” unturned when it comes to selling or leasing mineral rights. Make sure you have all your bases covered when you undergo either transaction.

Mineral Rights Buyers with a Diversified Portfolio Enjoy a Larger ROI

While the use of fossil fuels has its share of critics, drilling for oil and gas is not an issue for mineral rights buyers, many who enjoy a nice ROI from the investments they make. Mineral rights buyers also make it simple for sellers of mineral rights to make a sale at the right time and for the right price.

Why Selling Mineral Rights is Preferred by Some Investors

There are several reasons that mineral rights buyers may be contacted by a seller. Individuals sell the royalty interests they hold or their mineral rights for one of several reasons. Some investors want to sell their commodity to avoid future price drops or because the oil development and production has been slow-going.

The Reason for Price Drops

Prices often drop because of mild winters or as the result of a spill or the economy. Therefore, some investors would prefer to sell their rights instead of feeling uncertain about their investment. Managing risk in this way is, therefore preferable.

Funding a Retirement Account

Other sellers may wish to sell their rights to fund their retirement account, pay off their mortgage or diversify their current portfolio. Therefore, mineral rights buyers can assist them in their objectives. Mineral rights buyers are also called when the rights are part of an estate settlement. Often, divvying up the rights among heirs can become quite complicated. Easy distribution can be made if the rights are purchased instead.

Minimizing Stress

Mineral rights are sold for tax reasons or to avoid management-related hassles, too. After all, managing mineral rights investment does take money and time. Not only does the holder need to track the investment, they also have the responsibility of computing the taxes and overseeing the operators. Selling just takes away the stress that holding the rights can entail.

Buying the Rights

Mineral rights buyers generally consider three basic premises for buying the rights. If the owner’s property is producing and royalty checks are currently being received, then the valuation for the rights can be a simple process. The worth of the property is based, then, on the production stage. As a standard rate of decline is associated with well production, valuations are contingent on where a property is situated on the decline curve at the time.

Leased Properties

If the property is leased but not currently producing, then buyers of mineral rights base the value on how sure they are the property will eventually produce.

Unleased Properties

Properties that are not leased can carry a good amount of risk. Therefore, the real estate must be assessed on the degree of risk or the amount of uncertainty that is associated with the real estate. Many buyers of mineral rights carry a diversified portfolio. So they can withstand the gamble related to purchasing an unleased property. Sellers are typically advised, in this case, to make the sale in order to assume less risk.

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