Mini Excavator Attachments: Choosing The Right Bucket

Mini excavators are not large pieces of equipment. In the scheme of construction projects, they are quite small, weighing less than six metric tons. When purchasing one for any job, it is important to ensure they come with the right attachments. One of the most basic types of attachments and of paramount importance among the selection of potential mini excavator attachments is the bucket.

Types of Buckets

Whether your company is considering adding a bucket or purchasing a mini excavator with an existing bucket, it is very important to make certain the bucket is the right one for the work. Essentially, there are two types of compact excavator buckets. These are:

1. Trenching: These are available in two basic types:

  • Standard: Intended to handle normal or average digging conditions, the bowl material, and its thickness are indicative of this usage.
  • Severe-duty: These are employed when the ground conditions are rocky and harder. As a result, the bowl is thicker, sturdier, and more durable. The wear pad and shank type are also different than that of a standard model.

2. Grading: This type lacks the teeth common to a trenching bucket since its purpose is to clean and grade – not dig.

Each type is categorized according to its purpose or application.

Choosing a Bucket

When it comes to mini excavator attachments, choosing the right bucket is essential for the project to be a success. Influencing the decision are three factors. These are:

  1. Size
  2. Application
  3. Working environment

Always consider them before choosing a bucket to attach to the mini excavator.

Mini Excavator Attachments – Focus on the Bucket

If you are considering buying a mini excavator, attachments can help expand its capabilities. Be careful to select only those that are going to add to the company’s ability to perform work-related tasks. When it comes to buckets, always consider the application, the working environment, and the size compatibility before making a purchase.

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