Money-saving Benefits of Ordering Cigarettes Online

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Tobacco

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Technology has truly become the great leveler when it comes to goods and services, cheap thrills such as purchasing cigarettes notwithstanding. Thanks to ecommerce, cigarette lovers can now purchase their packs online without the hassle of going out late at night for a run to the nearest drugstore only to find out that there are no available stocks of your favorite cigarette brand.

There are indeed many benefits to purchasing cigarettes online that most early adapters are taking advantage of. Interested? Read on.

1 Cheaper cigarettes

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to buying online is the prohibitive price that is commonly believed to go with it. However, simple economics show that the more one buys in bulk in one transaction, the more savings one can enjoy in the long run.

With bulk purchases, consumers get to enjoy the same great discounts that wholesalers or retailers enjoy, minus the exorbitant mark up prices per cigarette pack (and in some cases, per stick). Consumers get direct access straight from the source which gives them the great privilege of paying almost factory prices for what they buy. Online stores also frequently offer exclusive discounts and promotions.

In the long run, buying in bulk and purchasing online almost provides a person at best, 100 dollars a month of savings.

2 More control over cigarette use

Compared to regular and spontaneous trips to the grocery or convenience store, having a stack of cigarettes available provides the consumer more control not just in terms of expenses due to savings, but more so, with their actual consumption as they take stock of how many they actually use up in a week or a month.

3 More brands at hand

The whole idea of ecommerce and shopping online opens to suppliers the opportunity to sell their brands in unlimited quantities on a regular basis. This of course results to endless choices for cigarette smokers who may have preferred brands they have discovered while traveling to a foreign country and may not be available in their home country.

From the usual brands such as Marlboro, cigarette sellers also offer more high end ones such as Davidoff and Newport, with unique flavors such as chocolate or mint.

4 Easier for travelers

With more countries giving more tariffs and more sanctions on goods being brought into the country by travelers especially liquors and cigarettes, ecommerce sites give a great leeway and convenience for those who cannot live without a day of puff or two.

Ecommerce transcends borders with minimal shipping costs and almost non-existent taxes on delivery. And with quick delivery capabilities, travelers can smoke to their heart’s content without necessarily seeing their hard earned money going up in flames.

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