Motorists Are Notorious for Improper Tire Care – Don’t Be One of Them

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Automotive

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Every automobile depends upon at least four tires to run. Tires often last for thousands of miles and multiple years with proper care. Unfortunately, the average motorist takes terrible care of their vehicle’s tires. Far too many people fail to monitor their tire pressure, take care of tire rotations, or perform any other kind of maintenance. Many motorists are reactionary when it comes to automobile tires in that they only take care of them after something has gone wrong.

What Motorists Need to Know About Their Tires

Any San Antonio tire shop will tell motorists they need to take care of the basics. At all times, proper tire pressure should be maintained. A motorist should know the right PSI for their tires, and he or she should check the tires at least twice per month. Tire rotations should be carried out every few thousand miles, or every six months, depending upon use. Also, an alignment or two during the year cannot hurt a car, truck, or SUV. Motorists need to check and inspect their tires on a frequent schedule to avoid problems.

What Can Go Wrong Without Proper Maintenance?

Without regular maintenance, tires will degrade in a short period of time. Low or high tire pressure can lead to a blowout on the roadways, which can cause injuries and even fatalities. Unrotated tires will wear unevenly and make premature replacement a necessity. Similarly, improper alignment can damage the tires, reduce gas mileage, and even start to affect other parts in the automobile. Each and every motorist needs to realize how costly and potentially dangerous improper tire maintenance can be.

Motorists Need to Take Control of Their Car’s Maintenance Schedule

Perhaps nothing is more important than a vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Quite a few motorists check their oil whenever possible, but those same motorists may ignore their tires for whatever reason. In the end, it’s vital that vehicle owners take better care of their tires. A San Antonio tire shop can assist with repairs or tire replacements as well as further information. Motorists will learn that the benefits of better tire maintenance far outweigh the time spent performing the maintenance.

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