Moving From Or Around Plymouth? You Might Benefit From These Packing Tips

Every home and the family in it is unique. Packing out the unique contents isn’t so much about packing supplies as about how you use them. As moving in Plymouth, MA, professionals, we’ve seen some great packing and these tips will make you a great packer, too.


When putting boxes together, run one strip of tape across the flaps to join them. That’s not strong enough to hold something heavy, though. Run a strip of tape between the join and both sides of the box for triple protection.


Lots of packers use bubble wrap or crushed packing paper to cushion delicate things like glass, crystal, and dishes. However, blankets and fleecy or thick winter coats absorb lots of stress before your delicate things will break. Set them on end instead of flat on the blankets or coats for further protection.


Don’t pack boxes with heavy things to the top of the box. It will be too heavy for you or the moving in Plymouth, MA, professionals to pick up. Pack the box half with heavy things, and then put stuffed animals or bed linens to the top of the box.


Labels aren’t necessary for great packing. A marker will do the job. Label each side as well as the top and bottom of each box with the room it will go into and a short summation of its contents. Colored markers for different rooms work, too. Burkhardt Brothers Moving & Storage will share more packing tips when you contact us.

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