Need Sr-22 Insurance Certification, Get It in Illinois

An SR-22 is something many Illinois drivers have never heard of, that is until they get in trouble with the law. SR-22 insurance is not technically an insurance policy; it is a document that is kept on file with the state. The document is proof you are covered by the minimum car insurance required by law.

Who needs an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a document that is ordered by the court. Your insurance company files the document with the Drivers Services Department in Illinois. An SR-22 must be filed if you lost your driver’s license because you were convicted of a serious driving offense. Some of the reasons you might need the form include:

  • Driving without enough insurance
  • Convicted of DUI or DWI
  • Repeat offenses in a short period
  • Refusal to pay court-ordered child support

If you are insured and ordered by the court to obtain an SR-22, you can add it to your existing car insurance policy. If you do not have car insurance and need to purchase a policy, explain your situation to the insurance company. The best insurance companies can prepare and provide an SR-22 quickly.

How Long Is an SR-22 Required?

Although the period differs by state, in Illinois, the SR-22 is in force for three years. As long as you have had car insurance for that period, the demand expires. In the event you let your car insurance lapse or expire, the insurance company is obliged to notify the authorities. If this should happen, your driver’s license will be suspended again.

There are alternatives to an SR-22, but they are far more expensive. In place of the document, you can deposit $70,000 in cash or securities or offer a surety or real-estate bond.

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