Options From A Roofing Company In Loveland CO

Most homes in this area have traditional asphalt shingles. A roof made of asphalt shingles can be expected to last 15 to 20 years. Over time, Midwest weather can age shingles and affect their usefulness. Sunlight alone can make them crack. Wind can pull shingles loose. They may begin to curl up at the edges. Weak shingles that no longer cover the space they’re supposed to make your roof vulnerable to moisture damage. When it comes time to think about replacing your roof, a local roofing company in Loveland CO can offer you several different options in new roofing material.

Composite shingles are fire and impact resistant and have a 50 year warranty. They can be made to resemble shake or slate so you can choose what fits your style. They are also made in a variety of colors. Another option from a Roofing Company Loveland CO is to choose concrete roof tile. This option may be the most durable one you can find. It is safe from fires that can start from neighbors lighting fireworks that would normally burn a roof with wood shingles. It protects the house from high winds, and concrete is great protection from the hot sun.

For owners who like the look of red tiles on southwestern and Mediterranean style homes, roofing companies in this area can give you a new roof made of clay roof tiles. The tiles come in different sizes and can be configured into different roofing designs for a unique look to your home. Clay tiles are used in the southwest because they keep a house cool from the sun’s heat, and because they’re resistant to fire in dry climates. Clay tiles are environmentally friendly and durable. They are so durable that one manufacturer offers a 75 year warranty on their clay roof tiles.

Another roofing option is to go with a metal roof. Metal roofs are considered environmentally friendly because a good portion of the materials comes from recycled materials. These roofs also last 50 years. Clay tiles and metal roofs may be more expensive to install than a traditional roof, but their durability and long lifetime make up for the initial price.

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