Painful Tooth Ache? A Dentist in Palm Beach Gardens FL can Help

Seeing Dentist in Palm Beach Gardens FL regularly is one of the most important things that a person can do to protect their health. When a dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar from a person’s teeth and gums, they are preventing cavities and gum disease. Many people think that a cavity is just a hole caused by wear and tear on tooth enamel. It is really an active infection caused by bacteria. If the cavity isn’t cleaned and filled, the infection will continue to grow. Eventually it will reach the gum and root area. Many nerves are located in this region. It is these nerves that cause the pain of a toothache.

At that point the patient will need an emergency appointment with a Dentist in Palm Beach Gardens FL. If the root is still intact then the patient will need a root canal. This is a painless procedure because the dentist injects a powerful anesthetic into the area. She then takes long and thin needles and uses them to clean out the root area. A medicated and pliant filling is inserted into the root. The dentist sees the patient in about 10 days to confirm that the infection is gone. She then inserts a permanent filling in the root. Usually the upper portion of the tooth has been so damaged by the decay and root canal procedure that a porcelain crown has to be used to cover it.

Sometimes the infection is so bad that it cracks the root. At this point the Dentist in Palm Beach Gardens FL has no choice but to extract the tooth. It takes about six weeks for the area to completely heal. This will replace the root of the extracted tooth. After six to eight weeks the patient’s jaw bone will have full accepted the implant. It will be as strong as the original root. The dentist then attaches a porcelain crown to the implant.

In both cases, the result is so natural looking that no one will ever discern that it isn’t the person’s natural tooth. If they care for it properly, it should last two or three decades. For more updates, visit our website.

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