Paintless Dent Repair in Chandler AZ for Sports-Related Damage

Objects falling from the sky can cause the need for paintless dent repair in Chandler AZ. Most commonly, people think of hail when they imagine this type of problem. However, sports-related damage can occur to vehicles too. Hard balls hit by clubs and bats have been known to result in dents and broken glass.

Golf Balls and Softballs

A golf ball hurtling into the parking lot after an errant swing might break a windshield or it might put a dent in the roof, hood or trunk. A softball foul ball that flies over the stands and hits a car also might cause a dent. Depending on how severe the indentation is, Paintless Dent Repair in Chandler AZ is able to resolve the damage.


Commonly called PDR by automotive technicians and auto body repair service workers, this type of project can be completed at shops like Ultimate Auto Touch-Ups. The vehicle owner might want to schedule an appointment to Request quote. The auto body technician can then determine whether the fix will be this easy or whether more extensive body work would be required.

The technician can tell the owner the cost of the repair and set a second appointment for the work to be done. Sometimes, the dent can be pulled out right away with specialized equipment and no need for a second appointment. The vehicle looks great again.

Any other small dings and scratches on the car can also be fixed during the appointment for an affordable price. This tends to happen over several years, and it’s rewarding to get the vehicle looking like new.


Technically, someone else is responsible for the repair cost when an incident like this happens. It can feel like more trouble than it’s worth to convince someone else to pay. An ethical person will offer to pay for the repair work, since the owner’s automotive insurance deductible for comprehensive coverage will probably be too high for this bill. Many people will not make that type of offer, though. A business like a golf course or baseball stadium is unlikely to accept responsibility for what happened.

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